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It is never too early to start – special planting day with 110 kids from Shrewsbury International School

Location: Suansri Park, Thailand
Date: 12th May 2015
No. of trees planted: 110 Trees

Although it is getting hotter and hotter these days, this doesn’t stop dedicated schools from trying to do something good for the environment. Besides running its own little tree nursery, Shrewsbury International School also educates little minds on forest ecosystems outside the classrooms together with PATT Foundation. This time PATT had the pleasure to answer all the curious questions about trees and forests of 110 amazing kids from Shrewsbury.

Although the kids were only the first year of school, they couldn’t wait to learn how to pot your own tree and take care of it. This time they gave new homes to the Shoe button trees (Ardisia Polycephala or Pi-Lang-Ga-Sa in Thai). Although these trees don’t grow so tall, they are really important because of their medicinal properties. Leaves can be prepared into a tea that helps with cough problems, besides this it is believed that the tree can chase away the snakes and its roots heal snakebites. Children got really attached to their trees during the potting, and only through tough persuasion, that trees will grow better in the park, they decided not to take the saplings back home with them.

Also during the nature trail in the Suansri Park, PATT hasn’t seen more curious minds in a long time. Kids wanted to know everything about literally every tree in the park, and couldn’t understand why ants would build their nests out of leaves high in the tree canopy, or even more why some people think that ant’s larvae are culinary delicacies.

In the end it was time to put all newly obtained knowledge into the practice. Each of the children had to plant one tree, and there were 10 different tree species to plant, from Pong pong, Java plum, Mahogany, Burmese Rosewood, and Tamarind trees to Portia, Yellow flame, Yang, Golden shower, and Shoe button trees. Planting trees is no easy task when the tree is almost bigger than you are. But the kids did an amazing job, and in a few years we will be able to see a new diverse little forest.

At PATT Foundation we were really happy to see so many little smiles when planting trees, and we are really looking forward to working with Shrewsbury International School also next year. Meanwhile we hope that many kids will bring their parents to the Suansri Park to show them their good work and inspire change.

See More photo here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/sets/72157652781043532

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Special planting day with 110 kids from Shrewsbury International School