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Do you have an old phone?

Your phone recycling can save home of gorillas and 270 species of animals in DR Congo. Without any action, many of these animals will most likely to be extinct by mids-2020!

Approximately 3,000 trees are cut down each day (440,000 a year) to open for future coltan mines which use as the capacitor in your phone. To recycle your phone can help to reduce the deforestation in DR Congo.

“Cell phones, like many other electronic devices, are built with capacitors, which require tantalum extracted from coltan. Eighty percent of world’s coltan supply is mined in the DR Congo, in the heart of the remaining Habitat of Eastern Lowland Gorillas.” – Dr. Craig Stanford – The Human Threat to Great Apes

Recycle just one cell phone can saves enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hrs.

Recycling one million cell phones can save enough energy to provide electricity to approximately 200 households for a year.

Please contact us if you are interested in this project!