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Patana School Helps Community in Kanchanaburi Forests

Location: Bang Pu Recreation Centre, Thailand
Date: 17th -21st November 2014
No. of trees planted: 210 Trees

On Monday 17th November PATT met up with 178 Patana students, accompanied by 18 teachers, in the outskirts of Kanchanaburi where they were spending the week on their yearly residential trip. The Year 8 group spent their 3 action days doing a variety of activities, which included helping the local people in Pu Toey Community Forest, along with our two PATT representatives.

We met with 5 villagers who sit on the community forest committee, and with their guidance we helped to plant 210 trees and to build 6 check dams – small dams made with sand bags. The dams help create a buffer from the large quantities of rain that fall in the rainy season, and the lack of water that locals face in the dry season.

Each group of students was encouraged to eat some of the leaves during their nature walk, and to really appreciate the value of natural forest ecosystems. They had a great time planting their baby trees (Iron Wood, Burmese Redwood, Siamese Rosewood and Black Plum) and even more fun in the streams constructing the dams, as you can see in the photos. The PATT Foundation and Pu Toey communities would like to thank those Patana students and teachers for their understanding and hard work in protecting and maintaining the forests.

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