"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

PATT and Bangkok Patana School in Khao Yai vol. 5


On the first day of February PATT was joined by 5th group of year 5 students from Bangkok Patana School (BPS) in our Khao Yai nursery. The students were eager to learn something new and go for a little hike on our natural trail. The class was divided into two and first group went for a little hike around the natural trail while the second group stayed in the nursery.On the natural trail the students will be shown an example of how not plant trees as well as some beautiful old trees. The group which stayed in the nursery were shown how to pot seeds and carefully take it out from the tray and put the baby trees into bigger bags with more soil.

The groups changed and after some more hiking had a tasty lunch.

After a tasty lunch and well earned rest, the students joined the PATT staff to plant actual trees in a deforested area of Khao Yai National Park each student got to plant 3 trees.