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PATT Foundation is in a computer ForestOwner game reforesting the planet

Location: Thailand
Date: 4th July 2015

At PATT Foundation we couldn’t be more excited to have our organization in a computer game. We are very happy to announce a new partnership with the ecological gaming business project interwoven with reality called ForestOwner.

The idea of the game is simple:

ForestOwner is a tree farming game, but what makes it different from other gaming projects is that it can bring your in-game planted trees to real life and contributes to the reforestation of our planet.

On the 4th July PATT planted the first tree bought from the participant of the ForestOwner game and we really have our fingers crossed that soon even more users will want to bring their demo-trees to life. ForestOwner used to be a Facebook app, but now has evolved into a project that makes a difference in this world. It’s easy to participate and anyone can contribute – the game helps reforest the world and at the same time enables players are to earn real money on-line. Players just choose tree species and the place to plant, and all the rest is done by ForestOwner.

Even a small tree can help to make our planet’s air a little bit cleaner, so why not plant your own tree through computer game today! And don’t forget to plant it in Thailand with PATT Foundation.

This project is supported by:

Forest Owner