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PATT founder and director Andy Steel in hometown newspaper


PATT director, Andrew Steel, is featured in his hometown newspaper “Hull Daily Mail.” Author of the article, Angus Young, writes “a business man who launched a global campaign to help protect the environment is urging Hull businesses to play their part.” This is true in the UK and especially true in Thailand where Andy founded Plant a Tree Today Foundation five years ago. PATT Foundation has worked with a number of Thai-based, as well as international companies that have sponsored tree planting, community development, and environmental education projects.

This kind of positive action and environmental awareness by corporations is important because of their public influence and ability to make large-scale change. This trickles down to the community level by directly benefitting community landscape, giving jobs to locals, fostering appreciation for the environment and forests, as well as education opportunities for local youths. Andy is quoted in the article, “Everyone has a role to play and we can make a difference by playing our part locally.”