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PATT Greening-up Vietnam with SCB

PATT Foundation teamed with Standard Chartered Bank and the knowledgable park staff at Cat Tien National Park near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The result of this partnership: 5000 native Vietnamese trees planted, aiding to reforestation and restoration efforts in Cat Tien and combating climate change.


The 5,000 trees are planted in Dac Lua. Dac Lua belongs to the restoration area of CTNP. The area is the former agricultural land of migrated people from the North who settled here following the war. As people began moving out of CTNP, reforestation efforts in Dac Lua began. Native trees in this area include such species as Sao den (Hopera odorata), Dau con rai (Dipterocarpus alatus) and Bang lang nuoc (Lagestroemia Speciosa).

The park serves as an important refuge for many species of mammals and birds. Unique to Cat Tien is the presence of the acutely endangered Javanese rhinoceros, and rare orange-necked partridge. More common are the endemic golden-cheeked gibbon, bear, elephant, gaur, and peacock pheasant. The park habitats vary from seasonally flooding grassland to swamp forests. Semi-evergreen and deciduous forests in Cat Tien support a high level of biodiversity: 1,610 plant, 105 mammal, and 351 bird species have been recorded.


In addition to wildlife, several minority communities such as the Chau Maa’ and Stieng people have lived in the central valley of the reserve for centuries and rely on the forests for various means.

Standard Chartered Bank sponsored the project as a part of their “Green Your Flights” campaign. This initiative launched by SCB’s Group Technology and Operations team strives to offset the bank’s carbon emissions from flights and alleviate climate change by planting trees.