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PATT Plants Trees with NIST Students


Year 1 students from the New International School of Thailand (NIST) joined PATT at Phrapradaeng (2-4 March) for three days of learning about and taking part in positive eco-action.  Through a nature hike and tree planting activity, the importance of different species and their interconnectedness was taught.  

Phrapradaeng is a community forest and considered the “green lungs” of Bangkok.  The students took the role of community members and potted seeds that when matured, will be planted in the ground by the community or possibly by another school group.  

This activity completed a discussion about the life cycle of a tree and how seeds are dispersed in nature.  The concept of an ecosystem was introduced and students saw up close, the different species of plants and animals present in the forest ecosystem at Phrapradaeng.

Students learn about the life cycle of trees and pot seeds