"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

PATT at the Regent´s School

Today our staff went for a visit to the Regent´s School in Bangkok where Jo gave two presentations. First presentation was to year one and two while the second presentation was for higher class. The second presentation was little bit different from the first where the students needed to answer questions and were more eager to answer them than their older school mates. Some of the question were answered rightly while some were wrong but the wrong answers did not stop participants from coming up with more and more answers.

The children were exited to learn something new about the environment and forests. The students were eager to learn why the forests are important – how they produce oxygen, give shelter to animals, and many more exiting things.

The Regent´s School is having an environmental week from Monday 26th March culminating with Earth Hour on Saturday 31st March.

Thee Earth Hour 2012 is on 31st Match at 8:30PM and we all should participate by turning of all our electrical appliances at home.