"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

PATT and Shewsbury tree planting


Today 8.6.2012 PATT and Shewsbury International School went to plant some trees together to Phra Pradaeng. Last year when they went tree planting it was raining, for their pre-visit was raining again and for a minute it looked it was going to rain today again but we broke the curse this time and had an amazing, hot and sunny day. The day started early because of the Friday traffic and when the children arrived it looked like there will be no end to the line.

This was one of the biggest groups we had here so far. The big group was divided into 4 smaller groups and 27 children in each group which would do 4 separate activities. 3 activities were done by our staff – nature walk, nursery activity and tree planting and the last activity done by the teachers. The activity with teachers means some thinking and drawing time about what they have seen. For tree planting to ensure that the trees were planted properly the groups were divided into groups of five and each was supervised by an adult. Each group planted several trees and with help watered them.

During the nature walk all the groups were quite enough to see couple of monitor lizards. One of them sunbathing on the shore and one swimming in the lake. First group on the nature walk got really close to the lizard when he surfaced directly under the bridge we were standing on. The groups entering the tree nursery potted one baby tree each and learned why the trees are important for us. At the end of the day everybody had a small lunch and back on the bus to school.