"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

PATT at St. Andrews Samakee


Today, 8th February 2012 PATT joined the students and teachers from the St. Andrews Samakee International School where they started a new tree nursery on the school ground. The little ones were the ones to start and got their hands dirty with filling up the seeds trays with soil as well as putting one seed in one hole which resulted in some holes having 10 seeds inside. After their hands were already dirty with the soil they planted their tree. With the age of the students the speed and skill increased as well as. The older students did not get as dirty as the little ones. The students potted more than 300 seeds…. let us hope that the seeds grow into trees. There were 9 classes and each got to plant one tree.


Save the planet one tree at a time!