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PATT/Standard Chartered Mumbai Plantation


Plant a Tree Today (PATT), SAGE Foundation and INS TRATA came together on the 9th Of October to assist Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) towards their pledge to plant 2000 trees as part of their “Green Your Flights” initiative in Mumbai. The site was INS Trata, Arrangal, Malad near the famous Danapani beach. The scenic Danapani beach is famous for being part of Bollywood films/photo shoots and no wonder 60 of the SCB staff along with volunteers from the PATT, SAGE and the Navy representatives had a blast while planting saplings.

The participants managed to plant 200 saplings in just one hour (8:30 to 9:30 am) clearly showing the enthusiasm level on the day. After the drive people were happy to network together while enjoying the refreshments. The variety of food on the stalls excited people even more and everybody seemed to look forward to similar plantation projects.

Making this project happen was a challenge because of the rough terrain. An initial survey was done by Commander Dinesh Singh of INS Trata, Mr. Vashitwa Mishra (Country Manager,PATT) and Mrs. Maya Shahani (Chairperson, SAGE). Vashitwa was also the project manager for this project. The result was the decision to choose coconut trees looking at different factors like the soil, survival rate, proximity to sea, salt water and other similar factors. Advice from local nursery contractors and the navy nursery experts was taken into consideration to make sure the plantation is in harmony with the local vegetation.

The plantation is being executed in different phases. The pits were prepared first with suitable depth and width as needed for a coconut tree. Because of the difficult terrain Earth movers were hired to meet the project deadline. The next stage was preparing the pits by filing it partly with manure and soft soil. The last stage is planting sapling. Before the project day all the 2000 pits were prepared for plantation. As already reported, The SCB staff helped in planting 200 saplings while the remaining will be planted under regular supervision of PATT/SAGE and the INS Trata.

Once the 2000 saplings are planted, Andrew Steel (Founder, PATT) will be updated and he will be issuing proportionate E-certificates to SCB who acted as the sole funders of the entire project. This is expected to be done in another 45 days.

The plantation may not be helpful to us directly as individuals but will definitely contribute to a sustainable planet. The following lines by David Brower and also the PATT’s punch line sums it all.

“There is no business to be done on a dead planet!”

Vashitwa Mishra,

Project Manager, PATT India

23rd,October, 2009