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Phra Pradaeng Project

Location: Samutprakarn,Thailand

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  • native forest regeneration
  • community ownership conservation
  • preserve green area of the city

Project Overview

The aim of the project is to reforest unproductive land within Phra Pradaeng that has little remaining original vegetation on it and is covered with weeds. Existing trees will remain but weeds and grasses are cleared to allow the planting of native tree species suitable to the local area to regenerate the soil, bring back a forest, and restore biodiversity to the area. The land is government-owned and dedicated to conservation. This land has a very special characteristic as it is situated within the community and is the nearest forest area to the city, lending itself to the nickname “the lungs of Bangkok”.

Project Details

A Community Forestry Group has been set up to conserve and reforest the 20 rai of forest area in Phra Pradaeng. With little budget, however, they lack the means to conduct meaningful projects independently and have partnered with PATT to help sustain this tree planting project. Goals include:

  • Regeneration of a natural forest by planting trees suitable to the local area
  • Restoration of biodiversity to the area by providing a habitat for native animals such as birds, squirrels, insects, etc.
  • Nourish and secure topsoil
  • Take action against climate change; trees absorb carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas, from our atmosphere and store the carbon while releasing oxygen. Forests act as carbon sinks and one tree can store between 500kg and 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime
  • Involve the community and sponsors together in environmental activities, promoting relationships where mutual goals of forest restoration in Phra Pradaeng are fostered

PATT ensures that for all trees we plant on this site are part of a comprehensive process including land clearing, site preparation, and maintenance in the form of weeding and watering for three years after planting which is vital to the survival of young seedlings as they compete with weeds for sunlight and soil nutrients. This helps ensure a minimum mortality rate and overall success of the project.

Tree planters and tree planting sponsors for this project will not only help to increase green areas, but will also help the local people promote their conservation activities. Furthermore, this forest site will be useful for schools and students as a learning center and outdoor classroom.

This project is supported by: