"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

Pictures – ECOKIDS Camp 19th – 23rd



Day One – Bangkuntien School
Day Two – Kho Kiew Open Zoo, Chonburi
Day Three – Prah Padaeng, Songkanong
Day Four – Suan Rotfai Park, Jatuchak
Day Five – Bangpu Nature Education Centre

Day One

Young ECO-Warriors went on a journey to Bangkuntien School, learning about Mangroove Trees and its usage. First task was to try their hands on dyes from Mangroove Seeds. They dye white handkerchiefs with batiks prints as their creative little minds went wild with explicit designs and patterns.


Next Activity, little Eco-Warriors learnt about making Preserved Duck Eggs from chicken manure.

Day Two

ECO-Warriors today learnt about Animals at the Kho Kiew Open Zoo, Chonburi.


Day Three

ECO-Warriors putting all they have learnt at a local Village Re-Forestation Programme at Prah Padaeng, Songkanong.


Day Four

A day where ECO-Warriors gets to learn about Insects and Birds at Suan Rotfai Park, Jatuchak. Activities included a Tour to the Butterfly Park and Leisure Cycling.

Day Five

ECO-Warriors gets all muddy and starts planting 80 Mangroove Tree Saplings at Bangpu Nature Education Centre.