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Plantation project funded by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)


Worli, Mumbai was again the location for another tree plantation organized jointly by PATT Foundation, SAGE foundation and Royal Bank of Scotland. Royal Bank of Scotland has funded plantation of 100 trees in which 25 were planted on the promenade opposite Sacred Hear High School and a nearby public garden. Both the spots are in Worli, within walking distance from the beautiful Worli sea face.

The project was well organized by Mr. Vasitwa Mishra (PATT, Country Manager), Mr. Milind Gazkos (Property Services, RBS) and nature love Mrs. Sunita Godbole. The Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation assisted the project by providing manpower and necessary permissions at the nick of time for the project.

07 th of July was chosen as the plantation day and the occasion was graced by, Simon Wells (Head of property sales, RBS), Maya Shahani (Chairperson, SAGE foundation), Vashitwa Mishra, Sunita Godbole, BMC officials along with 20 volunteers from the Royal Bank of Scotland. The volunteers, mostly from different parts of the world enjoyed the plantation and the continuous rains only added to the fun. The time was also utilized to create awareness about different SAGE and PATT initiatives and the bank staff were very supportive of the efforts.

The remainder of the trees would be planted in the span of next few days. BMC has promised to look after the trees and have extended support for future such projects. The audit would be done by PATT foundation and Sunita Godbole at regular basis. Pictures of the project are still awaited and will be updated on the websites as soon as we have them.

In the past one year, PATT and SAGE managed to implement planation of more than Five thousand trees in India and more projects have already been planned. Considering the rapid industrialization and modernization this is just a small step to counter Global Warming.

I sincerely hope more and more people will come forward to help green Mumbai.


Vasitwa Mishra