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Raimon Land was not only planting trees but also helped local school in Khao Yai

Location: Khao Yai, Thailand
Date: 24th July 2015
No. of trees planted: 200 Trees

It was an early morning on the 24th of July when the team of 50 members from PATT’s dedicated supporter Raimon Land arrived to the tree nursery at Khao Yai. They were determined to make a positive change for the nearby forests and wildlife as well as for the local Saptai community.

But before saving the world it was time to learn more about the proper tree planting. Only trees that have been planted with love, care and right knowledge can survive in the harsh environment. Raimon Land staff learned all about the successful potting of the tree seedlings. Each of them tried to pot a few of the young trees, and at the end they took lovely photos with their trees to keep them in their memory.

Luckily a few clouds shaded these passionate planters while doing reforestation work on the steep hillside. Together they planted 200 trees that will protect the local water sources, prevent soil erosion and provide home to the wildlife in Khao Yai. The trees will also help fighting climate change with storing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in their roots, trunks, branches and leaves. PATT was blissful to work with these green heroes from Raimon Land, and they sure did deserve a nice lunch after their hard work.

This gave them new energy to head to the local Ban Saptai School, where they were warmly greeted by the local children. Raimon Land decided to help this school and made a generous donation. At the same time they also brought toys and new clothes for the kids, which brought huge smiles on their faces. After this the kids challenged the Raimon Land staff to a friendly football match. They played four tough matches with girls also taking an active part in it. But although both sides were cheered through singing, dancing and drum playing, there were no goals and no winner after the matches. It was time for penalty shooting. And guess who won? Raimon Land was really no match for the agile and talented Saptai kids who won the PATT football cup of 2015.

Raimon Land really created a special Friday with giving something back to our environment as well as supporting the local community. At PATT Foundation we couldn’t be prouder to have such supporter already for nine years. Thank you Raimon Land for making a change in kids’ lives and for fighting the climate change!

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/sets/72157656422172605

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