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Rain Can’t Stop Us! We still shine: The Regent’s IS students were giving back to their local communities

Location: Suansri park, Bang Pu, and Phra Padaeng Thailand
Date: 17th – 19th June 2015
No. of trees planted: 334 Trees

We must always be aware that we are not alone and isolated. We are a part of the broader community and our actions impact all the people around us in a good or a bad way. Why not do something important for the whole community and inspire others to do the same? If everyone would act this way the world would definitely become a better place. Students from the Regent’s International School and Campus decided to do just that during their Round Square Week. All the students were helping their local communities in any way they could. Some of them decided that there is a need to have more trees in Bangkok and its surroundings to offset all the carbon dioxide that the big city produces. From 17th to 19th June PATT took them planting trees in three different locations – Suansri Park, Bang Pu, and Phra Padaeng.

First day at Suansri Park 18 small but brave kids with their dedicate teachers were firmly decided to do something good even when it was heavily raining through all the night and did not stop even that morning! They planted trees, potted the “Pong-Pong” tree and learnt about fresh mangrove ecosystem. They fed the fish as well which was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn about the nature.

On the second day at Bang Pu it was time to do the mangrove planting. Another amazing 18 kids did not let the aggressive mosquito attacks there to scare them. In fact this was a valuable lesson that when we go into the forest, insect repellent and sunscreen are a must! Some of the students forgot to prepare the extra clothes to change out of the muddy ones after planting. But this didn’t stop them from being muddy and dirty while doing a great job with planting the mangrove trees. We ended the day with a little sunbathing to dry our clothes, and of course all of us deserved some ice-cream for the hard work!

On the final day of tree planting PATT met with 70 Regent’s students at Phra Padaeng or otherwise known as Lungs of Bangkok. As this green area cleans the air for the whole city, it is really important that we keep its ecosystem healthy. Students were divided into three groups and attended various environmental activities in the area. One of such activities was cleaning garbage out of the water canals – not the most prestigious work but definitely important for healthy forest ecosystem. The students also got a chance to learn everything about the forest through the nature trail. Finding the snake skin along the way was definitely one of the highlights. Before finally planting the trees along the water canals students also had to learn about the lifecycle of the trees. They potted the seeds of Indian Oak, Shoebutton and River Teak, and learnt all about how to grow your own tree. The last activity was tree planting and a little healthy competition developed, who can plant more trees, and the winners received the Green Hero band.

At PATT we are extremely proud of all the Regent’s students that took part in giving something back to their local community. Planted trees will definitely be a reminder of their good environmental work for the next generations. And hopefully this is only the beginning of their green lives. Maybe one day Bangkok will have a clean air once again thanks to them.
See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/sets/72157654537179038

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