"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

Regent´s International School Group 1 in Phra Pradaeng


On Monday first group of students from Regent´s International School meet PATT´s staff at the Suan Sri Park in Phra Pradaeng where they were up to some environmental activities.

When everybody arrived we listened to Jo about Phra Pradaeng and PATT and after we went to the nursery. There were many questions about what a nursery is – the answer is do you know where small kids go? – than when trees are babies they need to be taken care of really carefully.


Once at the nursery we all sat down and listened to why trees are important. The students were eager to get their hands dirty and pot some baby trees. When we returned to our starting point we had a small snack.


After the snack we took the longer route to the planting site where the students were divided into pair and each par got to plant 6-8 trees depending on their speed and willingness. This group was not worried of mosquito or fire ants bikes and went on planting like troopers.


Tree planting was followed by lunch where we had to protect our food from the dogs and we feed the fish as well. While feeding fish we saw a huge monitor lizard and since it was quite far we took a nature walk. The journey back to school was a quite one since everybody was very tired.