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SANDEE plants with PATT: practice what you preach model


Members of SANDEE, South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics, from 6 different countries planted 100 native Thai trees with PATT on 7 May.  SANDEE, an organization that strives to reconcile economic development with environmental responsibility, was in Thailand for an international conference this month.  In practicing what they preach, SANDEE members offset the emissions from their flights to Thailand by planting trees with PATT

PATT was pleased to take SANDEE to Khao Yai National Park for the day where they did activities in our nursery, planted on the hilly slopes in Khao Yai, and finished the day with a hike in the forest- really gaining an appreciation of the nature in the national park. Khao Yai National park is Thailand’s oldest and one of the country’s largest national parks. Located only a few hours drive from Bangkok the park is a UNESCO world Heritage site and provides a viable habitat for the long-term survival of over 2,000 species of flora and fauna – some critically endangered.