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School Tree Nursery with the Environmental Club at Regents School

Location: Regents School
Date: 13th November 2014
No. of trees planted: 60 seedlings potted

Two months ago PATT went to Regents School to begin a School Tree Nursery Programme (link to www.pattfoundation.org/schoool-tree-nuresery-programme) with the grade 2-4 Environmental Club. We began by setting up a small nursery area in their innovation activity room, next to the window. We then guided them through the process of sowing seeds of 3 different tree species and left them in their care.

6 weeks later we returned and taught the students to prick out the young seedlings from their trays and pot them into bags, where they can grow until they are ready for planting. As seen in the pictures, the kids had a great time getting their hands dirty and most managed to pot 5 or more baby trees into their new homes. We’ll return again in around 6 months time to help them plant them outside in their school grounds, where they can feel proud and keep caring for them into the future.

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