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School Tree Nursery Programme

Location: Bangkok,Thailand
Donor: International and Thai Schools
Date: 2007-ongoing


  1. Education
  2. raising environmental awareness
  3. reforestation

Project Overview

Plant A Tree Today (PATT) Foundation can provide your students a chance to learn how trees grow and why trees are so important to us and our environment. All children will learn the four stages of a tree nursery:

Set Up Seed Germination Potting Ready For Planting

Project Details

This is a hands-on programme with real trees which spans several months, the first 4-6 weeks being the most important. The length of the program will help to make caring for living things, second nature to the students.


  • All planting materials
  • Instruction to class on Seed Sowing Day
  • Instruction to class on Pricking Out Day
  • School Tree Nursery Handbook
  • Nursery Record Sheets and Tree Species information
  • Ongoing support throughout the program

The activities and locations differ between the two camps, so attending both camps does not mean repeating events.


  • Stage 1: Select and prepare nursery site (1 week)
  • Stage 2: Seed pre-treatment, sowing (1-2 days)
  • Stage 3: Germination (4-6 weeks)
  • Stage 4: Pricking out (1 day)
  • Stage 5: Care and maintenance until planting-ready (6-8 months)

Total time for this project is about one school year (9 months). We recommend beginning the project at the start of the school year so that the same student group can take part in the entire process, in sequence, however this is not an absolute requirement.

Planting seasons also vary with the climate in your geographical area. Please contact us to ask about the best timing for you.