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School Tree Nursery with the young and shine future generations at Anglo Singapore IS

Location: Anglo Singapore IS, campus Sukhumvit 64
Date: 17th September, 1st October 2015, and 18th February 2016

This month PATT went to Anglo Singapore School to begin a School Tree Nursery Programme   with the grade 3 students. We began by provide the introduction of the school tree nursery programme then following up with setting up a small nursery area in their innovation activity room, next to the window. We then guided them through the process of sowing seeds of 3 different tree species and left them in their care.

As seen in the pictures, the kids had a great time getting their hands dirty and most managed to finish all trays and they promised to taking care of their seedlings at school.

After the seeds were germinated and the seedlings were growing for awhile. PATT staff went back to teach them to pot the seedlings and make sure that the seedlings would be ready in next 6 months to plant in their school ground. All of us were so happy and we learned a lot though school year since the sowing of young seeds to the potted young seedlings and will grow strong with the students.

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