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Standard Chartered Bank plants 10,000 trees in Sri Lanka with PATT


SCB volunteers before planting

Continuing Standard Chartered Bank’s “Green Your Flights” campaign, a number of local volunteers from the bank planted 1,000 trees in Sri Lanka last December.  SCB donated 10,000 trees to this project that will all be planted on Kahagalla Hill near the town of Baduraliya.  Kahagalla is comprised of mostly degraded land within the Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve.

Sinharaja, which translates to “Kingdom of the Lion,” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to a number of endemic species of animals.  The planting will be completed in April when Sri Lanka receives more rainfall, ensuring the trees’ growth and survival. 

Partner to this project, SCB has dedicated itself to protecting the environment, working closely with PATT on four other projects in Asia. This effort to offset the bank’s carbon emissions from flights and combat climate change will result in a total of 35,000 trees in four different countries!

Area youth plant trees donated by SCB