Standard Chartered and Scope International tree plantation, Chennai, August, 2011


Standard Chartered continued its tree planting initiatives and inaugurated a new project to plant 6500 tree by planting Coconut 400 trees in the first phase. The trees were planted in Chennai and volunteers from the local Chennai branch referred to as Scope international participated in good numbers. The plantations are part of the Scope international’s ‘Go Green’ initiative and there are going to be more plantation projects under the same.

The actual site is a sports college near Vendalore, Chennai. On 9th August, the event started by a brief introduction round of PATT Foundation, Scope International and the Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports College. More than 100 volunteers from Scope volunteers were happy to get their hands and clothes dirty once the Vice- Chancellor planted the inaugural sapling to extend his support to the project. The Vice- Chancellor of the university was very happy to host the plantation and would like to co-operate more in future.

The entire event was wall managed by PATT Country Manager, Mr. Vashitwa Mishra and he was himself present for the event. The trees would be well maintained and the survival rate would be as high as 95%, he claimed. Once the plantation of 6500 trees is done as part of this project, a report would be submitted to Standard Chartered which would be helpful for audit and future referrals.