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Students from ABAC start their small project to contribute to greener environment

Location: Phra Padaeng, Thailand
Date: 15th May 2015
No. of trees planted: 30 Trees

On a hot Friday, 15th of May, seven ABAC students, some of their parents, and Ms. Fa from Vietnam came to Phra Padaeng, “Lungs of Bangkok”, to plant trees with PATT. This was one part of students’ small project of doing community and environmental service, and tree planting with PATT was the perfect choice. This way they support community’s environmental efforts in Phra Padaeng, and they contribute to fighting against the climate change. Apart from ABAC students, Ms. Fa joined this trip to plant 6 memorial trees for her belated husband, and she plans to plant even more trees with us in the near future. So, at the end she wishes to create a little memorial forest for her loved late husband, and this is really one of the sweetest act of love that we got to be a part of here at PATT.

All of them learned a lot more than just planting trees – they learned also about the history of the area as it represents the best urban oasis in Asia, and is well managed by the local community with the support of the government organization under the Royal Patronage. The students then went on an interesting educational nature trail around the forest in hope to see some of the huge monitor lizards among other wildlife. And they also learnt all about seeding and potting the trees, so now they know how to grow a tree on their own.

The final task for all of the was to plant the tree seedlings on a empty patch of land near the water canals. Students took this job really seriously and in a few moments all trees were planted. This was the first time they tried to plant trees, and at the end they felt proud of giving something back to our environment. Thank you ABAC students and Ms. Fa for helping PATT plant more trees, and you are more than welcome to check on the growing progress of your trees anytime you wish to do so!

See More photo here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/sets/72157653408805041

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Students from ABAC start their small project to contribute to greener environment

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