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Students from ISB taught us that if we step together we can make a change!

Location: Phra Padaeng, Thailand
Date: 16th August 2015
No. of trees planted: 150 Trees

Although it is a rainy season now in Thailand, the sun peeked out of the clouds on the Sunday, 16th August, and gave PATT a green light to carry out an amazing tree planting event. This time we had the pleasure to team up with an amazing teacher Mr. Dyke from the ISB school. His passion about the environment is really contagious and his students surely contracted some of his “green virus”.

Phra Padaeng or the “Lungs of Bangkok” welcomed 30 ISB students of all ages, teachers and parents that were prepared to do something good for the environment on this weekend. The task ahead of them was not easy – 150 trees of different kind of native species needed to be planted next to the muddy brackish water canals. But before this task, it was time to learn, why Phra Padaeng’s forest ecosystem is so special and important for people living in Bangkok. During the nature trail they learnt about local wildlife, plant species, and how everything is interconnected and interdependent in the forest. Local people are of course part of this ecosystem as the forest provides them with wood and food.

In the past a huge part of this forest was converted into plantations, that is why an extensive forest restoration project is needed in this area. Only then the forest can continue to provide all the services – cleaning the air and storing carbon dioxide as the most important ones. 150 tree saplings were waiting to be planted in a degraded patch of land. Planting was definitely a challenge as planters had to cross numerous small bridges in order to reach the planting site. The real hard work started only then as participants had to dig up holes in the heavy mud to plant the trees. Some were using shovels, while others utilized their own hands, and hot sunrays definitely didn’t make this task easier. But sweat and muddy clothes didn’t matter for the planters as the health of our environment was their priority.

Soon all the trees were planted and it was time to take last photos of this amazing team. After short rest in the shade there was only one thing left – to learn how to plant seeds and grow them into healthy trees. They used the seeds from a gac tree that bears extremely healthy fruits used in fighting cancer. All the kids took some extra seeds home to plant the tree in their own garden, and learn more about the trees from its growth.

At PATT Foundation we were really happy to see families and people of all ages coming together and saving our environment from climate change. We really cannot wait to take ISB students planting trees again. Also huge thanks to Mr. Dyke for inspiring these students to make a change.

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/albums/72157657401336622

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