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Super Sunday For Environmentalists From Regents

Location: Phra Pradaeng, Thailand
Date: 15th March 2015
No. of trees planted: 30 Trees

On Sunday 15th March a small group of students from Regents Boarding International School joined their dedicated teacher and his eldest son in planting trees and site maintenance in the “Lungs of Bangkok”, otherwise known as Phra Pradaeng. This community forest is supported by PATT’s tree planting efforts, and the local people gratefully accepted our joint donations and help in improving their forest.

Within their IB school education there is a component called ‘Creativity, Action, Service’ or CAS for short. This encourages students to get out of the classroom and make a positive difference to society in any way they can. These students decided to channel their fundraising money towards the environment and spend their early morning on Sunday getting muddy and sweaty whilst planting trees. As usual, we started with nursery activities to show the kids the long-term nature of tree planting. We then took a walk around the forest looking at the variety of tree species in the ecosystem, before carrying the 30 young trees well over the estimated 200 metres to the planting site.

They had a super time planting the trees, as you can see from the photos. Also commendable was the enthusiasm with which they helped to clean out the small canals – not the most glamorous job but not a single complaint was heard! A very big thank you to the heroic teacher Kirk who gave these students the push they needed to get out there and do something good for the environment. With a bit of luck this little taste of tree planting will inspire even more passion and desire to help save planet Earth from climate change!

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