"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

TCIS and PATT in Bang Pu


On Saturday 10.3,2012 PATT was joined by Thai Chinese International School of Thailand in Bang Pu. For some it was an early start when the meeting was at 9 am. After arrival TCIS was shown into the education center away from the blazing sun for a little presentation about PATT and Bang Pu. The students were shown several different mangrove species and mud skippers.

The nature walk followed where they could see the mud skippers and have a taste of the salty mangrove leaves. The most exiting part was the walk on the “rope bridge” where some of the students had fun running up and down thus swinging the bird watching tower. After a short walk back Kwan explained everybody how to properly plant the trees in order to ensure their proper growth.

At this point everybody was eager to get down and dirty planting the trees. After initial fear of the mud everybody took of their shoes and planted 10 trees. Some were more successful then others but at the end everybody had fun and did something good for the environment.

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