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TCIS Students Take Responsibility And Help Save The Environment

Location: Khao Yai National Park, Thailand
Date: 31st January 2015
No. of trees planted: 540 Trees

Our Khao Yai Tree Nursery received another visit in January, this time by 54 Grade 9-12 TCIS students, who came up from Bangkok for a residential getaway. The students were taken through the entire process of taking a seed, caring for it and producing a tree in the forest. Tree planting is a lengthy procedure that requires many months of care, love and attention before you can even go out and plant a single tree! And years of aftercare are required to ensure the trees can outcompete the weeds and grasses.

So we took the students through the steps of seed sowing (with snake tree seeds, pictured), pricking out and potting (with coral wood seedlings), before we then ventured out to the planting site (to plant 14 different species of tree). On the walk students went out of their way to pick up trash, as you can see in the photo, reinforcing their status as Earth-heroes!

We often plant on steep slopes as they lose their soil when they are deforested and are consequently slow to regenerate. On this day we had one of the most challenging slopes PATT have ever encountered. It was very steep! Luckily most of the students were competent at scrambling and climbing the slope in order to plant 10 trees each. And they were happy to help out those that were less adept, impressively showing off their ability to work as a team. Some students had to cope with cuts and scrapes, shedding blood, sweat but thankfully no tears in their efforts to help save the environment.

You can see them here posing at the nursery with our mascot ‘Trevor the Tree’. And after such a hard day’s work, their beaming smiles were a testament to how proud and satisfied they felt after tree planting. And deservedly so – they helped to expand the forests of the oldest national park in Thailand, the King would be proud too!

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