Teaching potting and seeding for Earth Week at ISB

Location: International School Bangkok – ISB
Date: 23rd -24th April 2015

For Earth Week PATT prepared something really special with ISB. On the 23rd and 24th of April PATT set up a stall on ISB grounds where we were handing out leaflets and information on how kids as well as teachers can help our environment. We discovered many dedicated little green hearts who donated their money to plant a tree instead of buying a cookie in a nearby cafeteria.

But that was only the beginning. School gardeners kindly prepared tables and tents for planting activities on the lawn outside of the school’s library. Now it was time to teach children from kindergartens and up to 4th grades how they can grow trees from seeds. It was a true hands-on experience and we never saw so many excited faces.

This time children were planting ebony trees that bear interesting fruits used for coloring fabrics black or dark blue. Younger children learned how to do the seeding. They were handling little seeds with so much love and care. We really hope they’ll continue to monitor the progress of planted seeds on the school grounds and get a great insight into how nature works.

Older children got even more responsible role. They had to pot small trees to new homes so that they could grow bigger before being planted in the nature. During this process children got so attached to their little trees, that they decided to take them home and continue taking care for them. And not only that – potting also encouraged students to help each other.

PATT spent at ISB two beautiful, but busy days. We had more than 18 classes and involved with almost 400 participants. Hopefully they’ll take this newly obtained knowledge and plant even more trees! We must give a special thank you to Mr. Whitman, the librarian, who explained the meaning of forests to all the kids before they started with planting activities. At PATT we were really excited to be a part of ISB’s Earth Week and cannot wait to take kids from there planting more trees!

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Teaching potting and seeding for Earth Week at ISB