"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

Thai- Chinese Internation School helps to save the world

On friday 26. October PATT and Thai Chinese International School joined forces to help reforest the world.

TCIS visited Bang Pu where in march they planted 200 trees and wanted to plant 200 more trees. Because the day started later than n expected the water levels were quite high. This time nobody left the tree planting site dry. Some had more fun than the other but we should start at the beginning…

Upon arrival everybody was welcomed by the Thai Royal Army representatives. Khun Kwan showed us how to properly plant trees and how to tightly tie them to a pole – if this was not properly done the trees with a tide might be washed away and we did not want that to happen.

After the small introduction and small explanation from  one of the teachers – Khun Jalal about importance of mangrove trees we were ready and eager to get muddy and wet.

The site was a small walk from our gathering point and a small walk down some steps. Tree were ready and waiting to be planted and each of the participants got to plant 10 trees. Since the area was already flooded we had to be fast in order to be able to get back while the water level was relatively low.

Some of the girls found it difficult to carry and then plant the trees so they stayed behind and took the plastic bags off the trees for the others which speeded up the process a lot.

After the tree planting we deserved a small lunch and then when our energy levels were back up we went for the nature walk. This time it was very difficult to keep the students quiet which meant we did not see many birds and scared the mudskippers.

All in all the day was great and we hope that the students learnt something.