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“The Green Man” Matthias Gelber inspired ICS students to make a green change!

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 4th September 2015

On Friday, 4th September, PATT received a lovely visit at our office. Our “Top Individual Tree Planter” Matthias Gelber came all the way from Malaysia to meet with our founder Andy Steel. Matthias Gelber is also known as “The Green Man” due to his sustainable, low-carbon living, and was voted as “The Greenest Person on the Planet” in 2013. He planted already 1.888 trees with PATT and greatly contributed to forest restoration in Thailand and more than fully offset his carbon footprint in order to mitigate climate change. Matthias is a world-renowned green activist who wants businesses to grow and prosper by healing the planet, not destroying it. He co-founded Maleki GmbH in 2007, a company which produces low-emission construction materials and energy-saving solutions. He is currently leading a green revolution in Malaysia, urging people to cut their energy consumption by making small lifestyle changes.

He was more than happy to join PATT in International Community School’s fair, meet with students and talk to them, why it is important to lead a low-carbon life and how to achieve it. He gave a presentation to two environmental classes and engaged the students in a lively conversation on how each of us can improve the world. With reducing our energy consumption and buying recycled or upcycled items we can greatly contribute to environmental conservation, while at the same time we can save our money. His green real life cases and leading by example really inspired students, and hopefully in the future all of them will become “The Green Man” themselves and lead the way to green living. In such future climate change wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Afterwards PATT took part in ICS’s Community fair with the goal to engage students in community projects as part of their CAS programme. At the fair students were introduced to charities and organizations working to help others, our environment and animals in Thailand. It was definitely a good feeling being around so many great people that care for our society’s future and have dedicated their lives to it. PATT set up a booth and kids were more than happy to share their green deeds with our Trevor the Tree, while at the same time they were encouraged to get involved with PATT’s work and plant more trees.

Our planet would definitely need more tree planters and more climate action. For those looking to make a green change in their lifestyle and help our planet, Matthias wrote a simple guide book to green living and working with plentiful practical examples. And for those wishing to plant their own tree, PATT is always here to help you regreen our planet!

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/albums/72157658274983186

More about Matthias Gelber “The Green Man”:  http://www.greenmanspeaks.com/ and http://archive.pattfoundation.org/green-man-matthias-gelber/

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