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Most Theatened Forests II


This area of the forest is little bit further from my previous forests which were situated in the Southeast region. The Atlantic forests runs all the way down Brazil´s Atlantic coast(from Rio Grande de Norte in north to Rio grande de Sul in the South) to Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay . This region contains tropical and subtropical moist forest, tropical dry forest, tropical savanna and mangrove forest. When the Portuguese colonized this area it was 1,000,000 ti 1,500,000 km2 but currently it is only over 4,000 km2 . Nearly 250 species became extinct over the course of 400 years due to human activity. 11,000 species are considered threatened in the Atlantic Forest. Endemic species to this area are 92% of mammals and 52% of tree species. The Atlantic forest contains 20,000 plant species and 40% are unique to the area from which more than 20 are critically endangered. This include the Lion Tamarins.


This area still proves to be rich with new finds – between 1990 and 2006 over a 1,000 new plants were discovered..These forests are characterized by a high species diversity and endemism. Sugar and coffee plantations are destroying forests and have been for decades. The forests are source of fresh water making 100 million people and manufacturing business rely on the forests.

This forest includes several forest variations:


Tropical moist forest

Tabuleiro Forest

Montane moist forests

 Campo rupestre

 Atlantic dry forests