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Most Theatened Forests I


Not far from the Sundaland Forest there are Philippines with equally stunning but endangered forests. The Philippines include 7,100 islands and they are part of the subtropical biodiversity hotspot. They are equally important as the Sundaland Forest but for different reasons. In the past the forests was used for logging and nowadays only 7% of forests remain which makes the forests listed by the conservation community as one of the top five, biodiversity “hotspot” priorities in the world.


With the rich biological diversity they have some amazing species including the second largest eagle in the world and the panther flying frog.

Boom in rural population which lives in severe poverty is not helping the forests since the people use the wood to survive as well as the land for agriculture. Over 80 million Filipinos depend on the forests and use it as resources which threatens some o the world´s most biologically rich forests.

There are over 10,000-12,000 plants, half are endemic which are unique to this place and cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Of the 895 species of butterflies, 352 are unique to the Philippines, making it the second most diverse place in the world for endemic butterflies.

Not only is Philippines rich on biodiversity on land it has the richest biodiversity under the sea. It is estimated that coral reefs cover an area greater than 10 percent of the land area of the Philippines. More than 500 of the 700 species of coral known to exist are found in the Philippines making it the country with the richest diversity of coral in the world. (World Wildlife Fund, 2000).