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Most Threatened Forests


Sundaland Rainforest is located in Indonesia and Malaysia. Sundaland is the forested area of the major islands of Indonesia and Malaysia which were joined during previous ice ages. Nowadays majority is submerged due to the higher sea levels after the ice melted. This area is widely recognized as a major biodiversity hotspot. Alfred Russel Wallace has researched this area and it inspired him in his theory of natural selection.

Sundaland Rainforest covers the islands in the Indo-Malayan region which contains 17,000 islands. The rain forest has only 7% of habitat remaining which implies orangutans and two species of Southeast Asian Rhinos. This is the only known place where the orangutans live. These along with tigers, turtles and monkeys are being taken for food and medicine in the international animal trade. The rubber, oil palm and pulp production are huge problems as is non sustainable and illegal logging.


Shrinking forests lose their ability to buffer water levels in the rivers throughout the year, resulting in extreme fluctuations from water shortage during drier periods to severe flooding after rainfall. Frequent flooding creates large expanses of standing water which in turn results in a marked increase in the incidence of malaria.