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Trat Community Forest, Thailand

Country: Trat,Thailand

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Trat Project – Wang Pla Mor, Thailand.

Wang Pla Mor is our project in Trat province of Thailand, working with Up2Green, we have planted just over 20,000 trees.

  • reforestation
  • increase habitat for wildlife

Project Overview

The central aim of the proposed projects is essentially to reforest unproductive land at various locations around Thailand. In particular we have highlighted a number of locations that would benefit from environmental restoration work. This may be to provide increased habitat for wildlife, prevent erosion or to increase local access to forest products.

Trat province is in the eastern part of Thailand and borders Cambodia to the east of the province. Wang Pla Mor, the forest restoration site is located in Tha Som and Khao Saming District. The land for tree planting is State’s land dedicated to environmental development and conservation under control of Irrigation Department.

The communities around the area have set up the “Community Forest Conservation Group” to conserve and reforest the area in Wang Pla Mor, however with little budget they lack the means to conduct meaningful projects and thus seek the cooperation of NGO partners.

PATT Foundation highlighted a need to habitat restoration and Environmental education within this area, to hopefully expand the areas of native forest and reverse the current trend of habitat degradation. Additional social benefits from this project include providing employment opportunities for local people.

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