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Tree Planting with GDF SUEZ Corporate Volunteers

Location: Khao Yai National Park, Thailand
Date: 13th March 2015
No. of trees planted: 300 Trees

On Friday, the 13th of March, PATT welcomed 50 employees from GDF SUEZ Bangkok at PATT Nursery, Khao Yai. Their aim was to not only offset their personal carbon footprint for this year but also to restore habitat for wildlife, prevent soil erosion, mitigate climate change, and benefit local people.

They were divided into 7 groups with team names based on different tree species, including Oak, Sycamore, and Jasmine. First they helped pot seedlings in the nursery – the species was the mighty Black Rosewood, which can live for 300 years. All of our volunteers start by working in the nursery so they can appreciate the great amounts of effort that are needed prior to the more glamourous activity of tree planting. Next we gave some of the braver, stronger individuals a tutorial in digging holes, which is a rather big challenge at this time of year, as we’re still in the dry season. The diggers got fully stuck into it though, spurred on by the watching crowd who cheered and jeered in response to their efforts.

After lunch we headed into the national park to plant 300 trees in a degraded patch adjacent to the forest. Getting up the hill was pretty tiring, especially in the heat. And seeing a 2m long snake-skin along the walk ensured everyone appreciated and respected the wildness of the location. Working in their teams the GDF SUEZ volunteers managed to dig 50 holes themselves, and successfully planted all 300 trees – comprised of a whopping 22 different native tree species!

An important part of our work is to plant many different indigenous species to increase biodiversity in degraded areas of forest. Each species has its own niche (role) in the environment – some can shade out weeds, and some can attract seed-dispersing birds and mammals to the area which helps natural regeneration of the forest structure. Eventually we hope to re-establish a species-rich forest community that is very similar to the original and surrounding forest. PATT staff will continue to maintain the GDF SUEZ Forest Restoration site for several years until the trees are established and strong enough to survive by themselves.

After seeing the work first hand, GDF SUEZ has donated money for us to plant an additional 500 trees up in Khao Yai National Park. For this and their hard-work and positive attitudes on the day we’d like to extend a big thank you to GDF SUEZ Bangkok – helping PATT to reach 1 million trees and saving the planet.

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