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Environmental Education

We as global citizens have the power to positively impact the future of our planet and educating people on the environment is therefore critical to building a better future for us all. PATT Foundation aims to deliver environmental education programmes that provide professionals, community members, and children with tools that will allow them to easily and cost-efficiently reduce their negative impact on the earth and have fun at the same time!

Empowering people to make sound environmental decisions starts with nurturing their enthusiasm for nature and wildlife. PATT helps develop this enthusiasm with our Family Tree Planting days, School Tree Planting trips, Corporate Trainings, Workshops, and more…..

PATT Foundation Environmental Education Programmes include:


  • Establish a Tree Nursery on Campus
  • Hands-on tree planting field trip to one of PATT’s reforestation sites.
  • Environmental campaigns either for a small group or schoolwide – it’s up to you!
  • Eco Camps overnight residential – focused on environmental activities, education and community service
  • Workshops and presentations on topics like climate change and deforestation (can be tailored to various age groups)




  • Corporate training for management and/or staff on sustainable environmental business practices
  • Team-Building events for one-day or two-day periods set in a beautiful and natural environment
  • Fun-filled tree planting event for your customers, staff, partners, and/or investors


Want to start a PATT branch where you live? We’ll teach you how! This option is for the go-getter, the pioneer who wants to be the one to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

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